How to Apply Epoxy Paint to Painted Cement Floor

Epoxy paints are more durable than concrete paints and offers a level of sheen that paints can’t. Here is a guide on how to apply epoxy paint to painted cement floor.


Preparation is key when applying floor coatings especially when you are working on surfaces that are high-traffic areas. Before you begin your project, make sure to clean the area free of any loose debris and dirt. This includes wax, grease, and mildew. Give it a clean off first with a broom or vacuum cleaner just to get rid of the bulk of the dirt and dust. Improperly cleaned surfaces will interfere with the primers adhesion. Proper preparation will ensure maximum adhesion, durability, and uniform coloration. If you are working with bare cement, you can use a cement masonry cleaner and etcher to degrease and clean the area. This will remove grease, oil, auto fluids, rust, and dirt. Generally, when dealing with concrete it pays to acid wash it first. Acid washing is generally a four parts water to one part acid. The idea of this is obviously it will clean the concrete and slightly etch into it to give you a nice surface with the paint to bond onto. Check here!


Now we are ready to apply the primer. If the cement floor is already painted, you can apply a fresh coat of the aqua seal waterproof or sealer and primer to the cleaned cement floor so the epoxy floor coating will adhere with the new primer. You will want to apply with thin coats by brush roller or spray. Don’t overcoat as it may cause running or puddling. Wait for 2 hours before applying a top coat. If the humidity is high, you may need extra drying time.

The next step to finishing the cement floor with the epoxy show coat. You don’t want to apply this product in extreme heat or in direct hot sunlight. Keep in mind that the area should be unused for three days after the application to cure. Again, ensure the surface area is clean and free of loose debris. Hand steer your epoxy show coat, apply and thin multiple coats by brush roller or spray. Never over apply and allow four hours of dry time. It should stay longer for extreme humidity. Two to three coats are recommended depending on the color.

Depending on how big the area you are painting, it sometimes pays to have one person cutting in and another person rolling behind you. That way you’ll keep a wet edge and you’ll avoid getting any marks between what you have rolled and cut in. now the main difference between the first and second coat is with a second coat you’ll want to try to fill all the pinholes and you can either use your brush or even the roller on its side and just force the paint in to all those little holes in the concrete. Now the other thing about the second coat is you’ll find it’ll be a lot easier to apply. Learn more details at:

Garage Floor Plans

Garage Floor Plans are so distinctive; you will be surprised at what is attainable for the storage plans and areas to conceal your things and are on hand for every imaginable need. From the most simple one-car garage to garages for boats, motor cars, and RV’s, not to speak of employment and living rooms.

Garage workshop plans are conventionally planned as one level constructions that offer lots of room for the repository of one or more cars and additional unfinished room to house tools, a bench, gardening equipment and frequently have storage attics and inner staircases, which are normally attainable for garage plans of 5m wide and over.

Garage Planning Requirements

Once you have decided which garage diagram is best matched to your requirements, you are going to have to obtain your garage blueprints endorsed by your local building plan assessment chamber. Placing reliance on the time of the year and how tied up your local office is, the plan assessment and endorsement procedure can occasionally be a timely one. It is best to anticipate some impediments than none so be ready for this as part of the plan’s confirmation process. Remember, though, the first and most significant thing to confirm when planning your new garage is the dimension of the building plot available to build your garage along with the Garage Floor Plans available.

Garage Floor Plans

1 Car Garage Plan

The majority of 1 car garage floor plans encompass a singular overhead door and frequently comprise a walk in the door as well for simple admission and exit. As you might assume, 1 car garage plans are intended for the storage of an individual car and a quantity of sizes and designs of detached 1 car garages are attainable so that you will locate at least one garage plan that will match your space and preserve your belongings in a safe and dry environment.

Detached Garage Floor Plans

Planned with at least 4 stalls, detached garage blueprints are perfect for the storage of numerous cars and other components such as motorcycles, ATVs and bikes. Considerably like Recreational vehicle garage layouts, boat storage diagrams characteristically feature bigger, larger bays and taller ceilings to supply the large size of a vessel and all its accessories. Click here to read more info about garage Floor Plans.

Carport Plans

If your home needs to cover parking and the required space for a conventional closed garage (not to mention the extra expense), then carport blueprints might be the complete answer. If you’re in the marketplace for pole barn layouts, you want to come upon designs that are adaptable enough to conform to your unique demands and sizable enough to shelter serious apparatus.

Floor Plans

Floor plans are attainable in a broad variety of styles and sizes guaranteeing you’ll come upon just the right one to supplement your residence and modify your lot. For the most part garage floor plans will comprise a groundwork plan, a blueprint of the outside rises, inside elevations, floor plans, a cross-sectional outlook, and contour descriptions. What’s more, occasionally specific supplements such as a storage space, work bench, appended workroom, or additional floor loft is on hand supplementing to the usefulness and practicality of single-car garage plans.

Building Requirements

You may have limited room on your estate so that building a garage with room above is an efficient method to acquire the required space and not increase the footprint of the property. Possibilities are some alterations to your plans may be required to connect the requirements defined by the applicable building ethics. For the largest part of the garage floor plans supervisors need to see your suggested building plans drawn to a precise scale, so do not assume your approximate plans to be endorsed. Regardless, investing in a set of on-line blueprints for your garage can be the principal move towards getting your building project commenced. On many occasions, you can merely print out these pre-drawn plans on your printer and carry them with you to your property code division.

Garage Design

Garage plans are a great method to plan how you wish to model and build your garage. Using the wide diversity of garage plans available, there are garage storage plans intended to help householders productively use their garage floor space and accomplish the greatest proficiency in storage volume from the floor to the ceiling.

When you require additional storage but lacks the estate for a sizable storage shed, garage plans with attics also offer the complete result and Garage Floor Plans are a good way to plan how you want to design and build your garage.